Saturday, November 7, 2009

Relics from Prague

Memories of home roll over
And edge away the writing in the sand
The water, luke warm and opaque
With a smattering of shells
That turn in the august tide
Spanish children run in oversized t shirts
As old round Russians discuss the meaning of life
Which can be summarized in sasha’s new business
And pasha’s new house.
Look across to the lego blocks
So perfectly arranged in perfect disarray
Travel down a winding road that borders water on the left
Eight, Seven, Six, Five…
Driving through streets, that are implanted in my memory
in a micro chip that has no chance of dislodging
The words, the sounds, the personalities
Ingrained in the surroundings
Flooding over me and filling everything
With the desire for unfamiliarity with the familiar
Words exchanged and common histories shared
Engulf me and sweep newborn memories
Under the rush of a wave that smells oddly
Like the salty sea, semichki and the skyline.


Anonymous said...

Nice once L. Do you write on the regular basis or just when you get "inspired"? Btw, Vic is into writing too, now that would be interesting collaboration..:)

Anonymous said...

Btw L., its "семечки" ->semechki

CityChick said...

Thanks Nick... I'm sure the english speakers really understand семечки... I don't even think they would understand semichki lol.. fyi it means sunflower seeds

Anonymous said...

Haha..true:) Droping knowledge on people.

Vic said...

You guys bring up a good point that's always too relevant; should we write for ourselves, or should we make our pieces more accessible to a potential audience? I feel all three of us are edging close to the latter (especially your blog, Nick, and getting everybody chiming in).
It's good to know what semechki means, but even without knowing, it allows the reader to be empathetic with your longing for Prague. That's more than enough.
Thanks for the promotion, Nick. =)

Anonymous said...

Vic, I'm expecting 25% revenue share...LOL