Monday, April 21, 2008

Settle Down, Youngin

When we have everything that our little hearts could ever imagin, we inevitably come up with something else that we can't live without. This situation comes up in all walks of life. Have a huge mansion, want something money cant buy. Have a great relationship... you want some one elses. Have whatever you want, want something you cant have. I've always considered this to human nature. This way were always striving for better and thus propelling the race to um... betterness. But what happens when the quest for something better ends up making things a whole lot crappier?

Like take for example... I dunno my constant struggle with relationships. Always on the look out for a tweak here and there, I end up losing what I already have and love. At what age do shiny things no longer hold that same novel appeal? When were toddlers all we do is pick things up and examine them. When were teenagers those brand new sneakers hold our intrests... And when were 20, all you want is a thrill. The thrill of the new. Do we ever stop yearning for better and better? What about when we outgrow this and settle down. Or do we really just settle?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The best years of your life...

In the movies the best years of life are always in high school. In Brooklyn and the rest of New York City, High School really isn't that great. For those that choose to go to college out of city, or out of state,they go on pretending for four idylicc years that college is the best years of thier life. For those of us who stay in the higher eduction system in CUNY, it's a small tight knit community that plays telephone better than a bunch of 13 year olds at a birthday party.

Sometimes that four year stretch to real life is filled with bumps and leaves you with bruises. Welcome to the world where I bitch. Grab a beer, roll a J, and chillax.