Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Back...

I've decided to dust off the 'ole blog and reveal it to the world (Sociology Capstone Class.) When rediscovering this gem of a relic, I had a decision to make. Should I A) erase my previous posts and pretend they never happened or B) let everyone see them, potentially laugh at me, and judge me for my past.

I picked B! I felt that by looking back at these old posts, I had something to gain. If I erased them, it would be as if they held no significance, when in fact they do. So read them, enjoy them, and hope you get as much of a kick as I did.

The Moral of the story: It's important to look back in order to really see where your going

Now, onto bigger and better things- What will I be talking about?
It'll be a quasi diary, quasi rant, quasi filter blog, and quasi anything else I determine I would like to write about.

Something's about myself: I'm a graduating senior who is applying to Clinical psychology Ph.d programs at the beginning of December. This has been stressing me out beyond belief. In addition, I'm currently doing research on marijuana perceptions and attitudes concerning it's use. I'm a liberal, I'm pro marijuana legalization and pro gay marriage. I like the color blue. I'm a sociology minor and I secretly wish I was an comedic actress. I think that a basic requirement of security guards is that they be on a constant power trip.

So Turn on, Tune in and Drop out kids...


Nick said...

If ever in need of research test dummies, let me know. I happen to know several individuals who would gladly participate in your research...:)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL, when I'm alone in my room I start acting out scenes from TV. I would be soooooo good as an actress, I just know it,no matter what my family says. HEHE