Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blogging is a Bitch

I'm not convinced that forced blogging is beneficial for a) my understanding of blogging and b) my grades. Essential for entry to graduate school (my one and only goal at this point) is to keep up my grades and try as humanely as possible to raise my GPA. Blogging is making that slightly impossible.

While papers, standardized tests, and open format essay questions are the usual pain associated with school... This constant blogging update is taking a toll on my sanity. I sit here at and stare blankly at the screen, whilst thinking about what is it exactly that people want to read. Is it my mundane daily thoughts? an interpretation of tonight episode of Dexter (it rocked), or my constant musings on the deathly process of grad. school applications.

And as I quickly come to the conclusion that it is actually none of those things, my crackberry vibrates with the signal of more assignments due.

This blog will inevitably bring down my grade in this class in addition to boring the inundated classmates who must think these same thoughts while looking at the blank screen of


J. Izzy said...

Just squeeze out 3 paragraphs a post, 2 posts a week, and you're good to go. Just 2 or 3 more weeks left... Almost there.

Anonymous said...

CityChick, I don't think its that hard to take out 15 minutes to post something and read someone's blog?!
I don't know, maybe you are stressed a little bit about whole graduate thing...Anyways, good luck with that...:)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

You know what it is for me...I don't mind doing the blogging and the posting...but whats happens every now and then is that I get hooked on something and then end up spending forever on this site instead of doing my hw. That is the part that sucks

KG said...

i honestly would rather read/post blogs twice a week then sit at the computer writing some nonsense paper. i guess if you see it as kind of a hobby, it'll seem easier.. if that makes sense haha

eL said...

haha, i agree with your halfway. i haven't been keeping up with my blogging either but im definitely going to try and squeeze something out tonight, after i write my boring paper. I have ideas that i want to blog about in my head but it never actually gets written out and posted =[ anyways good luck with your grad school stuff.

Naju said...

I agree with KG I would rather blog than write a long boring paper

El Yuma said...

Ouch! - well that blog post has the three charms: brevity, frequency, and LOTS of personality - maybe your grade won;t sufer after all - now I'll read your post on Yoani!

Eliza said...

OMG i agree with you, it is
hard to get a topic for the blogging thing and then
and write about it......and am
concert about the same thing that the blogging will affect my grade in this class, am not really good at this. I will prefer do the
regular papers, i know is boring and takes time but at least is one paper, at a specific date that's all. I easily forgot that i have to post in my blog!!

Bibliofemme said...

see, luba, there's hope yet. one more week and then we can shut down our blogs...and i can get back to writing down my thoughts only in the safety of my journal.